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The Deluxe Audio Technica Cardioid microphone system utilizes a matched set of Audio Technica AT831 Cardioid microphones. The Premium Audio Technica microphones include a matched set of Audio Technica AT853 microphones. These microphone come with permanently installed high quality, double shielded microphone cables. Removable clips are available in two styles - Shure rotating lapel clips and standard mini rotating clips. The standard configuration comes with the two microphone cables terminated together into a standard stereo gold plated 1/8"" mini plug. The high SPL versions (with XLR phantom plugs or with the AT8532 power modules) come with each mic on a separate cable and connector. Custom cable lengths and configurations are available - call for details. Windscreens are included and premium locking windscreens are also available (see option box above).

General information about our Cardioid microphones is available here.

Powering Options:

There are several ways to power these microphones. Each of these options provides the same sound quality, the only difference is the maximum sound pressure level (SPL) the mics can handle.

1-The microphones can be powered with normal "plug-in-power", available on many portable recorders and camcorders. With this type of power, the mics will handle reasonable sound levels. If you will be using the mics in high SPL (sound pressure level) situations, the microphones require additional power, beyond the normal "plug in power". You will need to use one of the powering schemes described below:

2-For strong sound levels, consistent with loud amplified concerts, you can add a battery module for increased high SPL performance and dynamic range. You can select the battery module shown above in the option box, or choose one of the many other types that are available on this page if you prefer.

3-For strong sound levels, consistent with loud amplified concerts when your recorder/mixer, etc. supplies phantom power, you can add the high SPL modified XLR connectors. Each mic has it's own XLR connector and cable and microphones ordered this way will not work with "plug in power" or a standard battery module as shown above.

4-For intensely loud situations, consistent with highly amplified concerts at close distances to the speakers, you can select the ultra high SPL power modules (AT8532) with locking connectors between the mics and the power modules. In this configuration, the mics are balanced and will run on each modules standard 9v battery, or phantom power. This configuration provides the highest level of SPL capability. The output of the modules is an XLRM plug. To connect the a potable recorder with a miniplug input, select this cable.

Lastly, if you wish to use the mics with plug in power and phantom power (alternately), order the mics as shown in option "1" above and order this cable with the phantom power option.

Warranty Information

Model shown with rotating mini clips (model with lavaliere clips not shown-see below for picture of lavaliere clip)


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